Purpose: the 21st Century operating system for business

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When it comes to their responsibilities, businesses have often done the minimum and said the maximum. It used to be called “Greenwashing”. Now there’s a new epidemic called “Woke-washing”.

There is a real and growing danger that ‘proper’ purpose will become tainted and discredited - and as a result shunned by businesses and consumers alike.

It’s time for Purpose Done Right.

It can range from safer tyres, to more ethical pension funds; from better designed, affordable furniture to sports shoes that help you get fitter; from clothes that last longer to chocolate owned by its growers.

It should be commercial not pious. It should be tangible not vague.

“Purpose done right” is the 21st Century operating system for successful businesses.  It multiplies all aspects of a company’s performance, whether that’s revenue, profit, growth, innovation, productivity or the fulfilment of its colleagues, partners and consumers.

That’s our reason to exist: to do Purpose properly before it’s too late. That’s also why we have changed our name from ‘Core Purpose’ to ‘Purpose Done Right’.