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To do Purpose properly, you need to first develop the best possible Purpose Narrative, and then follow it with thorough and engaging Purpose Activation. Many companies skimp on the narrative and ignore the activation.

To gain traction, a Purpose narrative must:

  • Be credible / authentic to the company‚Äôs roots and behaviours

  • Be meaningful, so that it can genuinely and continuously motivate people

  • Be distinctive: challenging the status quo and differentiating the organisation from the competition

  • Be relevant to key issues that matter to colleagues, partners, customers and consumers alike

  • Have a clear enemy

  • Have specific and measurable goals

  • Be well-told

To activate your Purpose you need to:

  • Embed it in the oral culture of the company and make it a constant touchstone within your physical and digital environments

  • Ensure not just an awareness, but a genuine understanding of your Purpose narrative

  • Generate products, services and behaviours in every discipline in the company

  • Set up a proper reward system for Purposeful action

  • Measure its progress amongst all key stakeholders


  • We are specialists in Purpose

  • We are trusted by many of the top FTSE 100 companies and social enterprises alike

  • We are agile but international. Complete suite of proprietary tools

  • We always start with the organisation or brand truth and with people

  • We believe Purpose is delivered primarily by actions, not communications

  • We believe in specific goals and plans, not grandiose statements


We work alongside our clients to help them unearth, articulate and then activate the Core Purpose of their business.

We believe that the steps of the Purpose process are:

  • Dig (for the truth)

  • Hunt (for inspiration)

  • Tell (your story)

  • Mobilise (your stakeholders)

  • Measure (your results)