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Malcolm Hunter



“I want to help companies see that when business and social purpose are aligned everyone benefits.”

Malcolm is the strategic brain behind some of the world’s most famous brand positioning ideas such as ‘The World’s Local Bank’ for HSBC and ‘Dirt is Good’ for Persil.  

Uniquely, he has been Chief Strategy Officer for both a global advertising agency and a global media group, as well as a brand consultant working at Board level to help companies define and deliver their core Purpose.  

He spent an eventful year working with The Co-operative Group to help redefine their Purpose; followed by an exciting period working with TSB to create the biggest new bank launch in British history, all built around a brand new, highly-regarded positioning: “Local banking for Britain”.

Malcolm really likes Amex's ‘Shop Small’ as a very good example of business objectives and social objectives coming together as one. It encourages people to support their independent local businesses, increases penetration of Amex and encourages the use of Amex cards for smaller payments all at the same time.

He has been a speaker at Cannes, has co-authored a book ‘The Digital State’ and occasionally blogs as The Human Strategist.

Malcolm worked in France for 9 years and speaks fluent French.

Currently on secondment, working as Head of Brand and Purpose at TSB.