Families with children – a key IKEA customer target – face all sorts of costs at a time when often they may be on a reduced budget. Yet, everyone wants to create a home they love! IKEA’s democratic design seeks to improve people’s lives “without emptying their wallets." They want to deliver "The Beautiful Everyday" for as many people as possible.

IKEA’s ambition goes beyond home furnishings to creating a better everyday for all people touched by the business. They have a code of conduct called IWAY that governs relationships with suppliers and encourages more sustainable manufacturing. Their initiatives range from switching their entire lighting range to energy-efficient LED, to sourcing all of the cotton used in their products from more sustainable sources. They offer loads of money-saving products and solutions to help consumers "save energy, water, reduce waste and live healthily." 

They are currently one of the most successful retailers of all time, with 355 stores in 29 countries, and global sales in 2017 of just over £34 billion.


  • Look to grow in a purposeful way: “A humanistic and values-driven brand, our growth and profitability gives us freedom to move fast and the independence to think and invest in the long-term.”

  • Cater to consumers who are seeking value in all aspects of their purchase. At a time of growing social and environmental awareness, people demand more responsibility, transparency and dialogue.