Unforgettable Founder James Ashwell

Unforgettable Founder James Ashwell


  • Dementia is one of the fastest growing conditions in the world with numbers expected to reach 135 million people globally by 2050

  • Unforgettable is a unique, online marketplace of products, services and advice on dementia and memory loss, founded by a former carer, to help people live better with dementia



  • Understood the disease, public attitudes, studied Unforgettable and other service providers, interviewed experts

  • Explored experiences of those caring for loved ones with dementia, via extended in-home interviews

  • Workshopped with a cross-functional team – including Unforgettable’s agency partners – to develop the most powerful, engaging Purpose

  • Identified implications for targeting, distribution channels, website, product service development and communications

  • Supported relaunch activities, which included a website redesign, radio and online campaign, and targeted leafletting via Saga and GP surgeries