• Established in 2010 as a social enterprise to turbocharge community development by providing tools, inspiration and advice on how to be a savvy citizen and pull the levers of change



  • Paul Twivy, Core Purpose partner was the CEO & Founder leading the project for 5 years

  • Worked in 16 of the toughest communities in the UK

  • Brought together civically active people with those completely uninvolved with civic life, to act as a force for change

  • Generated 90 projects and helped local leaders turn them into reality



  • Website used by 95,000 people

  • Attracted and promoted over 100 charity sector partners

  • 30% of YSM projects were implemented and successful, ranging from re-building community centres to youth, intergenerational, and environmental projects

  • YSM doubled regular, constructive contact between citizens and local authorities

  • Worked with both Heineken and Unilever to strengthen their community involvement

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