• To create a movement that could harness the power of small daily actions when undertaken by millions of people



  • Researched and compiled 50 everyday actions to improve the environment, tackle social problems and enhance communal and individual well-being. Paul Twivy was strategist, collator and editor

  • Created a book that was a “Swiss Army Knife” and persuaded the book trade to cut their margins and sell it for £5

  • Created a dedicated web-site, monitoring and encouraging actions

  • Grew it into an organisation called “Shift”, to focus on products and services that prompt positive behaviour change



  • 1.5 million copies sold around the world. Translated into 6 languages

  • 100+ organisations promoting the actions to employees

  • 5,000+ suggestions of actions for children’s book and a copy in every school in England

  • 50,000 users tracking 5,000,000+ actions on the online tool

  • 3,000 schools using the lesson plans

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