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  • To make Sky the best direct-to-consumer media company in the world

  • To turn it from a transactional and often criticized brand into a respected and cherished brand

  • To do this by telling the Sky story simply, consistently and with greater impact and to innovate



  • Worked with Jeremy Darroch, the Sky CEO, and his whole European leadership team, to develop an Ambition, Purpose and Values across Broadcast, Broadband and Mobile

  • Complete review of Sky and its competitors

  • Co-development of the new Purpose and its activation involving 25 Stakeholder interviews; examples of Purpose-led companies that inspired Sky; Pan-European Purpose workshops; working alongside their Insights team to conduct 16 employee workshops and 40 Pan-Euro consumer groups

  • Implications workshops with all Sky disciplines from HR to Customer Service, from Product Innovation to Marketing to work out how Purpose is turned into daily actions



  • A new Core Purpose for Sky based on better connecting its consumers to more of what they love. Brand Keys for all major channels, genres and services

  • A set of core values that were true to the culture’s complex strengths and also actionable: not the usual bland adjectives.

  • A new sense of unity and vigour within Sky now that the Purpose has been launched.

  • An organisation-wide internal engagement programme for all 31,000 employees.

  • A renewed focus on customer-centric innovation and Purpose-informed daily behaviours

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